Process of Making Dry Ice


We are one of the largest manufacturers and supplier of Food grade Dry Ice Pan India, with an expertise of almost long 25years we have rapidly immerged ourselves to undertake a Turnkey based DRY ICE  project with complete revert system plants across countries.

The carbon dioxide gas is pressurized and cooled to form liquid CO2. The liquid carbon dioxide is injected into either a block press or pelletizer. These dry ice production plants have chambers in which, once released to atmospheric pressure, the liquid carbon dioxide converts to dry ice snow and carbon dioxide gas.


CO2-Recovery Plant From Dry Ice Production

Increase your productivity and reduce your Dry Ice Production costs by recovering the normally lost CO2 Gas when producing Dry

Ice installing one of our latest CO2-Gas-Recovery-Plant. Design will significantly reduce your liquid CO2 consumption and your production costs.


CO2 – Recovery Plants for any type of dry ice unit

Improves an over-all conversion ratio up to 95%

Engineered design to minimize factory space used

How TGPL System Works

Dry Ice is produced by suddenly expanding pressurized liquid CO2 under atmospheric pressure. The general conversion ratio will be approx. 40 to 45% of dry ice. In simple words: out of 100kg liquid CO2 only 40-45kg will be dry ice and the rest is normally lost as CO2 gas to the atmosphere.
A TGPL CO2-Gas Recovery Plant will be directly connected to the CO2-Gas Exit of the dry ice machine. The CO2 gas will be fed into the balloon above the recovery plant which will act as a buffer for the CO2-Gas Compressor. This dry running compressor will compress the CO2-Gas up to 14-20 bars. At the next stage this compressed gas will be liquefied using a TGPL designed liquefaction module. Once the CO2-Gas has been liquefied, it will be fed automatically to the existing CO2-Storage Tank for reuse.
TGPL CO2-Gas Recovery Plants are designed for simple, automatic operation all controlled by using a central touch screen to monitor and control its operation.
Also small units are available