Hydro testing of Cylinders

Basically hydraulic cylinder tests assess a Hydrotestingcylinder for flaws or leaks. This is important because cylinders can explode if they cannot contain the compressed gas. Essentially cylinders are made of a material that has a flexibility of expansion and contraction during pressurization. For various reasons this flexibility of expansion and contraction begins to deteriorate (weaken) over a period of time. Similarly, on account of other conditions such as filling, handling, transportation, floor conditions, there are chances of wear and tear over a period of time. It may also develop certain other defects normally rendering a cylinder unsafe for use.

Globally such cylinders are required to be periodically tested every 5 years for visual damages, weight loss and loss of elasticity. Therefore it is very important to periodically do Hydraulic test of cylinders. We offer this service in accordance with the gas cylinder rules laid down by Govt. Explosives Department(CCOE).

Repairs & Maintenance

Owing to the efforts of our skilled employees, we are amongst the leading organizations engaged in Painting of Cylinders. It protects the surfaces from corrosion and increases their service life. For this, we have established Cylinder Painting Booth where these cylinders are painted.