Tripti Gases Pvt.Ltd. can supply a large variety of Specialty and calibration Gas mixtures.

Certification is made after a process that is internationally accepted. Our technicians are the best in the country. Our brand equity is already well known, and our specialty gas activities are firmly embedded in a comprehensive Quality Management System.

Our experience, efficiency and expertise in product handling dated back in 2000, being pioneers in the field. We started from scratch to achieve the recognition of many a client. Our products can provide you with a reliable and economic alternative just as it has opened new avenues for others.

Our Production facility is equipped with high precision balance for gravimetric filling and blending with very low blend tolerances (PT) and highest certification accuracy (CA) , high integrity filling and mixing manifold with material of construction selected to be compatible with high purity gases , reactive and corrosive gases, high integrity pressure measurement and control systems. These manifolds are constructed to eliminate / minimize molecular diffusion and contamination by absorption and desorption phenomenon.

Our Laboratories are equipped with high resolution instruments and analyzers like Gas Chromatographs.

We have a huge component library and also apart from our product range we can actually prepare blend the mixtures as per customers requirement.